About Silver Spring Bottled Water

Purely the Best!

 Silver Springs Bottled Water Company was founded in 1986 and the Richmond Family purchased the company in 1991. Driven by the market’s demand for water as a beverage and with the customer as the controlling officer, Silver Springs Bottled Water Company has quickly become Florida’s largest privately held bottled water company.

Located in Marion County, home of the famous Silver Springs, our Company’s source for drinking, steam distilled and purified water is Florida’s deep protected aquifers by use of wells.

The source of our spring water is a naturally occurring spring located off-site. This approved source brings water from the deep Florida aquifer to the surface naturally. This water is transported by dedicated stainless steel tankers to our facility.

These natural source waters are monitored regularly to verify that they are of the highest quality and are Purely the Best! We protect our products by a multi-barrier approach that includes source protection, monitoring and treatments such as micron filtration, distillation, ozonation, reverse osmosis and application of ultraviolet light. Meeting and exceeding the IBWA Model Code, Silver Springs Bottled Water Company has consistently earned the prestigious Certificate of Excellence in Manufacturing.